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3rd meeting: Friday April 1 – Benjamin Poore and Helen Tyson, ‘Modernism, Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics’

The next ‘Psychoanalysis, Culture and Practice’ group meeting will be Friday, 1st April, 5-7pm, in the temporary location of the basement of King’s College’s Strand Building, room S – 1.06 (minus one, indicating first basement).  There will be signs leading from the foyer of the Strand Building.

The talk ‘Modernism, Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics’ will be given by Benjamin Poore and Helen Tyson (Queen Mary, University of London) with reference to the following texts:

Michael Balint, ‘Notes of the Dissolution of the Objects of Reproduction in Modern Art’; Roger Fry, ‘The Artist in Psychoanalysis’; James Strachey, ‘Some Unconscious Factors in Reading’; Pablo Picasso – selected images.

Commentators: Benjamin Poore and Helen Tyson (Queen Mary, University of London)