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2nd meeting: February 26 – Dr Neil Vickers, ‘Psychoanalytic Psychosomatics’

The next ‘Psychoanalysis, Culture and Practice’ group meeting will be Friday, 26th February, 5-7pm, in the Council Room, Strand Campus, Kings College London.

The talk will be given by Dr Neil Vickers of King’s College with reference to the following texts:

Marilia Aisenstein, ‘Psychosomatic Solution or Somatic Outcome: The Man from Burma’, International Journal of Psychoanalysis 74: 371-381; Catalina Bronstein, ‘On Psychosomatics: The Search for Meaning’ International journal of Psychoanalysis 92: 173-195.

Additional optional reading: D.W. Winnicott, ‘Mind and its Relation to Psyche-Soma (1949), Through Paediatrics to Psychoanalysis (London: 1975, pp.243-252).