Jan Campbell (Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist)
Emma Francis (University of Warwick)
Neil Vickers (King’s College)

This group focuses on psychoanalysis in relation to contemporary debates about sexuality, affect, time, trauma, memory, space, virtual life and the life of objects. We bring texts under theoretical and clinical scrutiny, with the aim of creative engagement and cross-fertilisation between ideas of what ‘practice’ might mean within culture and psychoanalysis. There is an emphasis on a return to texts by Freud and his immediate circle as well as later 20th century theorists such as Winnicott, Lacan, Klein, Milner and Bion. Contemporary work by Laplanche, Bollas, Phillips and Eigen also falls within our view. Our reading of the theoretical work is inflected by attention to literary, art, dance, photographic or theatre texts and other cultural practices. Each week a commentator makes c. 30 minutes of opening remarks on the reading and then the discussion opens to the seminar.

Past speakers include: Lesley Caldwell, John Fletcher, Josh Cohen, Kenneth Wright, Maud Ellmann, David Bell, Nicholas Royle.

The group meets on Fridays, 5-7pm, Council Room, The Strand Campus (2nd floor), King’s College, London, WC2R 2LS.


The group is generously funded by the University of Warwick and King’s College London. It is free to attendees and welcomes all.

For more information contact:
Dr Jan Campbell: drjancampbell@gmail.com
Dr Emma Francis: e.j.francis@warwick.ac.uk
Matthew Geary: m.k.geary.1@bham.ac.uk (site administrator)


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